Mies Memorial Library:

This is all the official documentation for the Mies Memorial Library competition. Photos and drawings might have been simplified or modified, so remember that these are the ones you should based your design on.

Competition brief
Full brief (english)

The full brief of the competition, including the excercise and participation rules.

Bases completas (español)

Las bases completas del concurso. Incluye el ejercicio y los criterios de participación.

Working material
Site photos

A full photographic report of the site on which the Mies Memorial Library is to be designed. You may use these photos in your presentations.

Chicago CAD drawing

Layered CAD site plan of the city of Chicago with the Mies Memorial Library site highlighted.

IIT Campus CAD drawing

Layered CAD drawing of the IIT Campus with relevant building and the competition’s site highlighted

Promotion material
Competition posters

Collection of official A3 posters for the Mies Memorial Library Architecture Competition for Students. Pin them up at your school and earn discounts!

Instagram Stories

A series of Instagram stories about the Mies Memorial Library. Feel free to use them and share them to earn discounts!

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