What is arkitekturo?

Arkitekturo aims to enhance the academic experience of architecture students around the world.

Competitions are the bread and butter of a professional architecture practices, however, these types of events are hard to mimic withing the limitations of a typical classroom, and so most architecture programs fail to prepare students to know what to expect and how to be successful at them.

At arkitekturo we have created a global ecosystem for students from different schools, countries, cultures and backgrounds to come together and explore the challenges and opportunities of architecture competitions, without the pressure of grades or having to limit their design process in any way.

Preparing for what professional architecture competitions will look like is important, however, we believe we can accomplish more than just that, by creating the opportunity for students to learn from the brief and from each other.

What makes arkitekturo’s competitions unique?

  • Our briefs are conceived to make students dive into certain periods of history, study iconic masterpieces, and try to see the world through the eyes of some of the people who’ve helped shape the way we see architecture.
  • We facilitate access for all participants to masterclasses and other learning experiences during the whole competition period.
  • We maintain an open forum where all participants can get to know each other and share their questions, thoughts and ideas, while working on their designs. The forum will remain open after the winners of the competition are announced to encourage a global debate.
  • All projects will receive individualize feedback from the jury, so that students can understand what was appreciated from their designs and what they could have done better.

If you are an architecture student, welcome! We hope you’ll find in us a tool to develop your skills and broaden your horizon. We can’t wait to see what’s inside your mind!