Mies Memorial Library:

We don’t pick our jurors just because they’ve been published or are well known in the filed. We pick them because they are the best to judge this particular competition. They share a deep knowledge and are passionate about Mies and that makes them the best possible jury we could have wished for!

NOMO Studio

NOMO STUDIO – based in Barcelona and Stockholm – is a team of architects and designers within various fields of architecture, urbanism, graphic/product design and social research.

Founding partners Alicia Casals and Karl Nyqvist’s international background and years of professional experience in acclaimed offices such as OMA (Rotterdam), BIG (Copenhagen), ShigeruBan (Tokyo), Kengo Kuma (Tokyo), MVRDV (Rotterdam), UnStudio (Amsterdam), BüroOS (Beijing), give the company a solid base of knowledge in large scale projects.

We believe in design as a powerful tool for creating extraordinary spatial qualities. Our interests lie on cutting-edge design, experimentation with materials, details and structural solutions. The strong curiosity we feel for diverse social and cultural environments leads us for always seeking a specific approach in each project. We do not resign ourselves to anything less than creativity, uniqueness and strong concepts in our work.

Baukunst Academy

The Baunkinst Academy team is made up by Eugenia Soto Cellino (art and contents director) and Iñaki Volante Negueruela (executive director).

They both studied architecture at the Universidad Central de Chile, graduating in 1995 and 1996 respectively. They also obtained their doctorate degree at ETSAB-UPC in Barcelona between 1998 and 2001 under the umbrella of the “Forma Moderna” program.

At the same time, in 1998, they founded their first professional practice, PROUN Arquitectes, in Barcelona.

In the teaching field Eugenia was a lead Studio teacher between 2002 and 2008, while Iñaki taught Studio and Architecture Theory between 1996 and 2013. Iñaki was also the director of the architecture department at UMayor and UFT, and has been invited to teach at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Tulane, ETSAB, UBA and the Escola da Cidade.

Their proposal for the Museum of the Atacalma Desert in Antofagasta, Chile, received the prize “Obra Bicentenario de la República de Chile” in 2009.

Cristina Gastón

Cristina Gastón graduated from the Architecture School of Barcelona (ETSAB) in 1992, where she also obtained her doctorate degree in 2002. Her thesis titled “Mies and the awareness of the surrounding” was awarded the IV Thesis Award by the Fundación Caja de Arquitectos and the Extraordinary Doctorate Award by the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña in 2003.

Today she manages her own professional practice alongside her partners Xavier Vidal and Isidre Roca, and also collaborates with the doctorate program “La forma moderna” within the UPC.

In 2004 she published her book titled “Documentos de arquitectura moderna en América Latina. Primera recopilación”.

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