From Classic To Futuristic by READ_LAB_20

This project was submited to the Mies Memorial Library competition with Registration ID #22391
Ching Lun Lu
Tunghai Unviersity
Bernardine Cornelia Ndoen
Tunghai Unviersity
Cheng Hsueh Hung
Tunghai Unviersity
Elleine Ghozaly
Tunghai Unviersity

The library is created to be in memory of
Ludwig Mies van de Rohe’s accomplishment. It
should promote the spirit of Mies van de Rohe’s
architecture ideas, keep it simple, open and
functional to the users. Modern architecture
emphasizes function and a streamlined form over
ornamentation. Apart from carrying Mies van de
Rohe’s consistent style, the library design should
also keep pace with the times, not only blending
into the “modern society” but also further think
about the next generation of architectural and
urban design.

More details were being observed
after the site is selected. The site is
surrounded by several important
campus buildings like student center
and student village. It has larger space
to build a free form architecture, which
can get rid of the original campus
rhythm and create a new identity

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