This project was submited to the Mies Memorial Library competition with Registration ID #22627
Renata Akhmetshina
Samara State Technical University
Adelia Khayretdinova
Samara State Technical University

Water… It cannot be said that you are necessary for life, you are life itself!” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

In our project, the main instruments that convey a wave of reflections are water, glass and specifics. With their help, we divided the project into three articles:
ground -1 heavy floor concrete volumes of large, public spaces and technical rooms lined up for functional demarcation;
water level of use, a natural mirror, an element of calm and harmony, uniting two floors and two elements, two worlds;
air 1st floor light floating glass cubes, large cubes of local skylights, and small cubes – spaces for association. You can take the necessary materials and books from the Mis collection, climb on the platform on which each such cube is equipped, and study this data in silence.

In our project, we have identified the features inherent in the Mies architecture. A clear structural grille, panoramic glazing, transparency and lightness. Water enhance architecture through the prism of reflection, the shimmer of water, the work of natural light through skylights.

What is the architecture of the future after Miss Van de Rohe? For us, the future is the clarity of thought, the depth of the philosophical concept of architecture as not just a form, but a rethinking of space through the prism of the elements and their relationship to each other.

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