This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2621
Mohammad mahmoud
Marwadi university

. the school has unbalanced shape so to provide shadowing for the community in case of bad weather, and the design of indoor form it is for making movement as fast as possible, and the contrast between   façade glasses and the orange entrance creates a magic feeling, 
and the glass façade has curve shape to reduce the sun effect inside the library 
, and with providing three types of staircase inside the school make users going out of usual, 
. the bridge give ability to student to communicate fast and enjoy the panorama, studying or meeting  
the dormitories have shape of stopping the strong wind from westside flow to inside and to plaza, and providing vent in each floor to provide sunlight and a feeling of warmth, and connection of eyes between student. 
. the exhibition has form of providing shadow under it, and providing lights from top vents to get clear looking on the elements inside the exhibition, and the reflection of the pyramids glass inside it give us indoor interesting feeling  
.  the landscape has Unidentate forms, as plaza it is in the mid of three blocks, that we will get attention from all people in case of speech or case of celebration, also can be as meeting place, or outside art gallery, outside exhibition for student in good weather    
.  The pathway in the project contains elements from cyclists or skateboarders and has a tree pattern to give values for the track, and to absorb the noise from the train station, it encourages the community to pass from there and enjoy watching 

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