Bauhaus Campus 2021:

This competition is all about giving you the freedom to design without pressure and providing the platform for you to learn from an expanded network of architecture student peers. However, we know a little incentive has never hurt anyone, and so, with the help of our sponsor, we’ve put together an amazing pool of prizes!

A little bit of cash. You choose how to spend it!
Subscription to a magazine of your choice
Pack of Phaidon architecture books
GoPillar Academy course of your choice
Project publication on digital media
Access to exclusive on-line lectures
Personalized feedback from the jury
Printed participation certificate

We want every team to be a winner!
That’s why nobody will walk away from this experience empty handed

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Subscription to magazine of your choice[2]
Pack of Phaidon architecture books[3]
GoPillar Academy course of your choice[4]
Publication on digital media
Access to exclusive on-line lectures
Jury feedback[5]
Participation certificate (inc. Shipping)[6]
Funds will be transferred to a PayPal or Bank account. Transaction fees will be deducted from the total amount.
One year subscription to one of the following magazines: Architectural Digest, dwell, Arquitectura Viva (proyectos) or Metropolis.
Pack of 3 phaidon books including: “Where architects sleep”, “Vivir en el agua” and “Un mundo brutal”.
Any course from the GoPillar Academy catalog. Course bundles are excluded.
Digital PDF with personalized feedback from the jury giving you meaningful insights on which were the key aspects that made them consider or discard your project (roughly 300 words).
Participation certificate, printed on high quality paper and hand signed by the organization, shipped to your come address worldwide.
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