contemporary BAUHAUS by EIXO

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2571
Universidade de Brasília
Caroline Tomoe Tanabe
Universidade de Brasília
Matheus Lima Ribeiro
Universidade de Brasília

contemporary BAUHAUS


At this project, it was important to keep the main concept of Bauhaus and develop it in the contemporary context. Starting from the bioclimatic analysis, the main idea was to create a refuge from the dry and cold wind from the north. Sustainability and lightness were essencial, for that the use of timber and glass provides open and flexible spaces.


The campus consists in two buildings, accomodations and school, that are articulated by a marquee. This third element of the composition gives protection for the pedestrians and creates an elevated garden that allows another perspective of the composition, under the slab is placed a cafe that welcomes people from the city at one facade and at the other, enjoy the view of a central square. The landscape architecture prioritized permeability. The curves go beyond the buildings and it gives unity to the complex.


The  three floor building, located to the north, accommodates students and professors in 33 apartments. The ground floor houses a restaurant and a common area, it is semi-buried providing protection and privacy

To the south, in an edifice that writhes in search of lighting and to protect itself from the heat of summer, is the college.  The main space is the exhibition area that for most part of the year is all open and, when there are exhibitions, walls come up making room for works.

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