The NeoBauhaus Campus by AANR

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2096
Aya Mostafa Amin
Cairo University
Alaa Hesham
MUST University
Nour Kadri
MUST University
Reman Hossam
MUST University

As Gropius once said the journey of training young architects start from OBSERVATION to DISCOVERY to INVENTION. Our concept is inspired from these three phases adding a new principle to them which is freedom and we integrated it with the unpredictable circulation as well as landscape.

The form is generated and inspired from the iconic Bauhaus building where the void is the past that currently shapes our new campus (the present) for an open proposal into the invention phase for the future.

The Neo Bauhaus 2021 Campus is a journey of learning and exploration in an interactive environment that guide students to creativity. The main three phases of observation and discovery to invention are reflected in the classes, workshops into the invention which is the outdoor landscape area with inspiration to freedom.

Ramps mainly define the circulation of the campus. Unpredictable play of levels to trigger

Our idea is to lead future generation creating their own spaces into their spirit of the age with inspiration of the old Bauhaus to our present 2021 campus.
The main problem of our era is to start observing this is why we had to put something to attract attention for experiencing the three phases observation , then discovery to invention and this is the idea of turning the invention space upside down

The invention space in outdoor is an interactive, VR smart and explorative area where the sky & clouds are reflected on ground, landscape fixtures and trees (acting as structural elements as well) are turned upside down to be a trigger to discovery then invention. Challenging the reality unpredictably into new concept for freedom of thinking, unleashing all senses for creation.

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