Tubular University by Tamkang University

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2261
Tamkang University
William Chandra
Tamkang University
Axel Minerva
Tamkang University
Vinca Metta Julicia
Tamkang University
Tamkang University

To face the post covid era, at the same time to encourage collaboration between architecture students and fine art students, our strategy is to separate people and programs into 3 types;

Red Zone were strangers that might be infected, Yellow Zone were strangers that have passed the temperature and sanitary test, and Green zone where students and professors have passed the test and labeled as safe human, which gave them a privilege to have access come every day and has passed the temperature and hygienic test.

And at the same time, after separating people based on safety, the creator creates a new system to separate the program based on the user.
Red Zone has a program for outsiders, where macro collaboration, a collaboration between the building and the environment, welcomes people to come inside, such as a lobby and exhibition area. Yellow Zone collaborates between students ( green ) and outsiders (red); the number of people is limited and social distancing is still here, such as a cafe. As a micro collaboration, Green Zone is for the residence, students, and professors considered safe, for example, dormitory.

Going from red to yellow, from yellow to green, people must go through the core to ensure every person’s safety inside the space. The center core is where the security is placed.

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