The Bauhaus : Redefined by S.C.O.A-4

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2705
Omkar Dandwate
Sinhgad College of Architecture
Sharva Darode
Sinhgad College of Architecture
Lakhan Chachane
Sinhgad College of Architecture
Sneha Danai
Sinhgad College of Architecture


The design finds its seeds in the depth and response to the Bauhaus Philosophy of standing out and functional aesthetics. The walls house a program of studio spaces, classrooms and a library to the northern edge , while dormitories to the Southern edge. Exhibition and recreational spaces are close to the road welcoming students and professionals. In the spaces between these walls carved out interactive spaces interspersed in the landscape amidst paths and walk ways through immersive patches of vegetation. The screening that divides the studios and open recreational spaces is inspired by the graffiti that can be seen on the buildings in the vicinity creates a playful and casual atmosphere which enhances the process of learning. Large cantilever overhangs incorporated in the design showcase the potential of modern architecture while giving a strong character to the campus. A combination of concrete core and steel braced system help the floors to appear to be floating. The design seeks to transform the site into landscape for learning and engagement. The design is strongly biased to pedestrian traffic, and discourages the use of motor vehicles within. Our proposal seeks to make the Bauhaus both practical and memorable. Memorable not only because the buildings are iconic architectural statements, but also the spaces between them are interesting, rewarding and legible.




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