This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2262
Laura Svede
Riga Technical University
Rebeka Eva Jaunkalne
Riga Technical University

Nowadays world have changed. Behavior of people have changed.The way we communicate have changed. The nature have changed.The learning system have changed. we need to think how to adapt to new life style when technologies starts to be all over us. we can not imagine day without smartphone or computer already nowadays. In one hand technologies helps a lot for us, but from other side our connection with nature starts to disappear, we become more lazier. our industrial and technology life have impact to nature too. The aspect of the green living becomes more actual each year. As we are part of nature too, we need some connection with it, with other live beings, with other human beings. To create better motivation, to understand the importance of mother nature, to go step back in the past, to understand the values of life, we will create ”VegTechHouse”, that is nature and technology house – past and future generation. Where nature and natural environment meets nowadays and future technologies. everyone can choose to which one they belong, what makes them to be more productive…
if at the digital world in some moment we feel too far from reality we can go to nature zone anytime and feel alive…

The Vegtechhaus is new Bauhaus campus for future, combination of freedom and digital world. It is place where everyone can come and use the building to generate new ideas. From outside it may remind about botanical garden, because inside the building, around the perimeter, green indoor zone is made, with wooden modular houses, looking like flying in the air. In those meeting cabins anyone can make a class or private meeting anytime, or even spend a night there as in home. As well from inside we can see the nowadays surroundings, the life of outdoor. In this area people can even grow up their apple or orange tree, lie down in grass, do drawings or paintings, create models, make picnic, do exhibition, communicate with others or just adore the nature, as well all kind of pets and farm animals are allowed to take inside in nature area, – it is freedom to connect with world.

The core of the Campus is technology zone – the digital world. Also where self service kitchen, dining room, lavatory , bathrooms are located. In this area we can use all the technologies we have now and the ones we will have in future. We can get inside the virtual or augmented reality and totally disappear from reality. It is also as an open space that can be modified in private zones, as well digital exhibitions and virtual museum can be located here.

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