This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #5430
Tian Zicheng
Central Academy of Fine Arts


Submission ID:#5430
Zicheng Tian

Space Duality

Project Proposal:

This project aims to have two different spatial properties in one building, which are mutually supportive in structure and independent in function.

This project has two parts: one hidden gallery as internal space in the core, the bauhaus campus as external space outside the core. The envelope of the internal space shapes the core of the external space,which means the external wall of the inner space could be the core of the external space. They run vertically throughout the building, and the concrete core separates the gallery from the bauhaus campus. The subdivision is primarily of visual significance: People cannot conceive the whole picture of each part at first glance, and the whole part of the space is generated by the vertical overlap of the floor-plans and the positioning of the stairs.

Space Formation

This diagram illustrates all kinds of space pattern used in this project, and how these patterns are vertically organized to form the inner and outer space of the core. These two different kinds of spaces are endowed with diverse functions, materials and circulations in the same building. The form of the internal traffic space is extracted from the overlapping parts between each floor.

A-A Section With Texture

The section depicts the Hidden Art Gallery from the perspective of the central space. The gallery space starts from the second floor and spirals up with a 3-meter-wide spiral staircase, which can exhibit art works from the art college students.

The gallery, as the inner space, can freely penentrate to the external space in some level, and the external space is just the negative space of the inner core, which provide the dramatic effect and uncertainty for the space, as the spatial certainty is broken by the extended exhibition hall from the core. Also, the exhibition halls extending from the core also provide the freedom of space for the gallery.

Ground Floor Plan With Texture

The art gallery and the bauhaus campus work independently. There are two entrances to the bauhaus campus. The main entrance faces the West Street, and the secondary entrance faces the South Street. The entrance to the gallery is hidden in the pocket park on the north side.

Spatial Experience:

Completing the exhibition in the core area and reaching the top floor of the gallery.Visitors can see the rough concrete material outside the core through the window, implying differernt spatial properties.It also means that they can perceive only part of the building. At this location, communication between visitors inside and outside the core are limited to eye contact as they are blocked by different circulations.

Conversely, when visitors outside the core arrive at the top of the building, looking around the white, pure, hidden gallery, they will realize that their spatial perception is blocked by the organization of circulations.

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