This project was submited to the Mies Memorial Library competition with Registration ID #23029
FAU Team
Daniel Lasso
Florida Atlantic University
Dane Larocque
Florida Atlantic University
Ana Mesa
Florida Atlantic University

“Form cannot be the aim; form should serve the given circumstances and be adapted, as true form intensity can only grow from the quality of life.” -Mies van der Rohe

Through the west entrance. A 14ft Statue of Mies Van Der Rohe receives its visitors.

Such grandiose representation is the result of being the founder of today’s architecture in Chicago.

The library embodies the acquisition of wisdom, and its purpose is to provide students and visitors.

Mies lifework is part of the context of this project; being adjacent to a masterpiece like the crown hall, there was a need to connect with these yet be able to discover new forms and ideas.

Therefore, we remained alluded to the concept of fluidity and utilized it as a medium to surpass the barriers of how interior spaces should be perceived.

It consists of a wormhole configuration that serves to symbolize the absorption of knowledge. The functional aspect of the wormhole shape consists of a vault that stores Mies’s memories and wisdom. This reminisces the past as we embrace the future.

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