22727 by Killa

This project was submited to the Mies Memorial Library competition with Registration ID #22727
Alexandra Liset Llaxa Quispe
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Fabrizio Joaquin Felix Cerdan
Universidad Ricardo Palma
Andrea Amalia Rojas Alvarez
Universidad Ricardo Palma

The project is located on lot number 2, in order to have a connection with the campus buildings and the avenue near the train. The design starts from a rectangle, divided into two parts longitudinally, where the program was placed, articulated by 3 halls, which connect with the plazas within the project. 

By removing a large part of the public space, we had the responsibility to return it, which is why 100% of the public space is maintained, taking into account accessibility on all sides through 8% ramps. 

In addition, it only has one level so as not to break the scale provided by the crown hall. The façade is made up of parasols respecting the verticality and order by which Mies’s architecture is characterized, counteracting the horizontality of the volume.

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