This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2046

The Bauhaus Campus 2021 is located in Dessau. The site that the campus is located, is a triangular piece of land right between the iconic
Bauhaus building by Walter Gropius and the new Bauhaus Museum by Addenda Architects. It is delimited by Bitterfelder Street on one side, Elisabethstraβe on another and the train tracks on the third. The Bauhaus museum is located approximately 600m to the east and the Gropius Bauhaus building another 600m to the north-west. The concept of the project is to build a modern structure building which is not based on the ground, but on columns in height of about 5 to 8 meters. The columns are part of the grid parallel to the train tracks. Only the exhibition space is based on the ground. The concept also is to have all the spaces of daily use at this height in order to differentiate it from the rest city and to create the community of the campus. The design concept includes also the idea to have all common areas together like continuity and keeping the small path on the ground. The form is divided into basic prisms with the ultimate goal of the analytical method to lead to the synthetic purity of the whole. The communication between the spaces is done with corridors so that an architectural walk is created. Vertical communication, of the campus and city, is achieved with elevators and stairs. There are two of them at the dorms and one at the classes and workshops. There are 35 loft type rooms which the 16 of them are for one person. South of the dorms is located Alter Räucherturm a tall architecture interesting building. Moving north from the dorms are 7 classes which gather the people to work on a project or conduct a pin-up session or small debate. At the end of the corridor is a WC. Under the classes are the 2 big workshops. One of them is for Arts equiped with painting area and an oven for sculptures. The other workshop is for architecture with computers, 3D printers and a CNC machine. The roof of the workshops is used for a green balcony (roof garden) for the classes. North from the classes and workshops are the 200 seats auditorium and over this, is the cafeteria. The corridor of the cafeteria ends at the northest point of the site and offers a view of the Dessau. The exhibition space is based on the ground because is a building for all the people and hosts a presentation of students research, findings and ideas at the end of their stay at the campus on a biannual exhibition. The exhibition space has 2 floors one for the art exhibition and one for architecture exhibition. The entrance is a big stair at the northwest and an elevator. The stair ends at the first floor and the second stair, at east ends at the second floor. The plan is free so the students planning their own the plan and the area of their exhibition.

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