Under the land by Forty-nine

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2085
Jiaqi Tian
Nanchang University

Before the advent of modern architecture, people lived in nature, accompanied by animals and plants.Modern architecture has led to high-rise buildings in the city, separating people from nature.When people pass by the school by train, I hope they see a natural mountain in the city instead of buildings, making people’s lives closer to nature.The building is hidden under the ground, and the whole building is shaped like a mountain, using natural plants as the outer skin of the building, making the Bauhaus building more suitable for the needs of contemporary people. The student dormitories are arranged in a grid of 3m×3m, with 9 square meters as the basic unit to arrange space functions to meet the three basic needs of sleeping, meeting guests and washing, forming a variety of flexible student living spaces. The old Bauhaus building and the new Bauhaus museum are connected by a curved road in the site, unifying the three as a whole on the plane. The classroom uses Mies’s cross-shaped steel column to deform,placing 1.5-meter-high wall panels in the grooves of the columns so that the wall panels can move up and down.The wall panels that move up and down divide the space into a 6m×6m grid, which can form a variety of spaces with different sizes and line-of-sight relationships to meet the needs of teaching and discussion.

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