A new public space for Dessau by IASA

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2902
Ariel Izraelewicz
University of Buenos Aires
Agustín Cañizares Pastre
University of Buenos Aires
Sebastián Uriel Brzezinski
University of Buenos Aires

The Bauhaus Campus is a public educational building that creates an outdoor public space for Dessau, which is an essential asset these days.

The green roof creates a space that functions as a lookout toward the city with a glass volume surrounding the exhibition which serves as an urban icon.

The building is developed entirely on a single level, being fully accessible, comprising the entire site.

A clear functional organization makes it possible to recognize the sectors that integrate the space. The educational area and the residential area are arranged around two large courtyards that provide natural lighting and ventilation to all rooms. The social area serves as a space for articulation between both functions as well as a meeting point for students.

It is an educational experience of interdisciplinary exchange, within accessible and flexible spaces connected with the exterior, reinterpreting the historical spirit of the Bauhaus.

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