This project was submited to the Mies Memorial Library competition with Registration ID #22457
Diana Carolina Velásquez Diaz
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Camila Sofía Verduga Gálvez
Universidad de Buenos Aires

The MVR Memorial Library its a building that completes and complements IIT, as if it had been there since the beginning.The Mies Memorial Library harmoniously connects the Crown Hall, the Paul V. Gavin Library and the rest of the campus, showing a new way of living and admiring the legacy of Mies Van der Rohe.

1. MASTERPLAN: The site was chosen with the purpose of creating unity by completing Mies’ original idea of the IIT. This was done by adhering to the geometry of the site to seamlessly fit with the rest of the campus.

2. INSERTION: The ground floor is divided into three modules which meet on the first floor, creating an interconnected and open space, between the pre-existing buildings, the natural space and the main access roads.

3. UNIVERSAL SPACE: Highlighting Mies’ architecture and legacy, the museum is useful for students and non students alike, given them a sensorial glimpse into his work. Also emphasising the flexibility of this space, the library encompasses a public space (shelving, studying-reading stations) and a private space (research stations).

4. CIRCULATION: The building creates a promenade, in which the architectural buildings of the IIT campus are appreciated as pieces of art and knowledge. An experience is created, rather than just a place to investigate.

5. SUSTAINABILITY: The improved solar shading system increases the building’s energy performance, simultaneously controlling the sunlight penetration and creating, in turn, diffuse light, which is better for reading.


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