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Tommaso Casarosa
Tommaso Casarosa
Università degli Studi di Firenze


– Urban Context

The project site is located in the IIT Campus: one of the most iconic context concerning architecture.
A real building collection that describes a life period of one of the greatest architects of all time: Mies Van Der Rohe.

The Campus is developed from Sud to Nord in a stretch rectangular shape, accentuated by orthogonal street. Well connected with Chicago’s center thanks to 3 railway lines and highway too, the campus appears metaphysical.

Inside of it open space and trees play an important role in space perception. They contribute to convey a unitarity sensation to the complex and constitute the peaceful frame where the buildings are inserted.


-The Site

The building project is located in Siegel Field, north of iconic Crown Hall.

It emphasizes the stretch shape of this site, dialoguing with the surrounding buildings. Is also planned the reorganization of a green area to permit summer performances.


-Orientation Detail

The building is oriented from sud to nord as the campus.
A projecting canopy, integrated with solar panels, increases its sustainability.
A visual telescope is generated to increase the connection between campus elements.


-Green Area

The soil obtained by the excavation would be very expensive to remove, economically and ecologically too.
This fact can be used as opportunity to realize an open space dedicated for special campus’ activities.
A flat plot of land becomes a new attraction
in the IIT Campus.


-Architectural Composition

The architectural composition is based on classical greek model; seeking to achieve eternal dimension through refined proportion and the research of dynamic asymmetry.


-The Canopy

The canopy is conceived to use solar light in most efficient way: solar panels use the light while at the same time refract it indirectly down to study room.


-The Glass Box

The glass box is supported by a completely external structure: lightweight iron trusses are posed over twelve concrete columns.
The use of glass reinforces the connection between exterior and interior.


-The Study Room

An open plan divided only by warm wood panels and wood furniture constitutes a relaxing place where study the informative sources found in the library.


-The Basement
The exterior basement constitutes a medium from inside and outside; it highlights the glass box and conveys a perception of dynamism and balanced asymmetry.


-The Public Library:
The eight-hundred square meters library open to everyone; a temple dedicated to every field of architecture.


-The Storage:

The storage preserved the complete Mies collection; accessible only by library staff or under supervision.


-The Service -Block:

  • Vertical Link: stairs and elevators
  • Auditorium
  • Toilette
  • Copy Room
  • Administration Box
  • Research Station
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