Mies Memorial Library by E.M.A.D

This project was submited to the Mies Memorial Library competition with Registration ID #22449
Tomás León
Universidad de Panamá
Carlos Marin
Universidad de Panamá
Ismael Meléndez
Universidad de Panamá
Marien Rojas
Universidad de Panamá

We projected the idea of ​​a building that will allow easy access from any point of it, where the integration of a perimeter gallery was sought that will contain the Mies Library Collection as the main point, which will be accompanied by the auditorium Lilly Reich colleague of Mies which I accompany him in his creative development; it will also connect with the administrative headquarters.
We complement the space with the integration of a second level which includes the annex of the Bible together with the study and research positions together with the requested didactic material.
The architectural language used includes a series of complements and guides taken from the architecture of Mies Van Der Rohe, such as concrete, bricks, glass, and marble located at strategic points. We consider representing through the Stijl colors, part of the evolution and passage of Mies through the Bauhause which was his home for many years.

Looking for a way to connect these points of great importance for the university, such as the Paul Galvin Library and the Crown Hall, the proximity to the main avenue was also taken into account, considering it as the ideal location for the development of the project and the interconnection of their buildings.

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