KNOWLEDGE THROUGH SPACE by Altura Arquitectura

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #2463
Altura Arquitectura
clara andrade
Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Naomi Janowitzer
Universidad San Francisco de Quito

At Bauhaus 2021, introspection as a creative strategy occurs day by day, moving thoughts to inhospitable places while exploring the spatial structure. Directional walls, light wells and visual finishes are some of the elements that guide movement through the different atmospheres and generate the experience of a variable perception: the user moves, changes direction, speed, stops, climbs or he lowers his gaze, gets excited, is surprised and only then discovers for himself the complex system of relationships that articulates the space. Bauhaus 2021 is the duality between two types of learning experiences. The first occurs in transitional spaces, where the visual relationships that are created through the route allow the user to constantly receive information, creating inspiration and learning through observation. The second is generated where the meeting happens, that’s where the ideas are shared, and the discussion takes place. Through these interactions, creative exchange, criticism and constant questioning are generated. The project is summarized in the experience of discovery through a spatial sequence of a chronological nature. A place that inspires the user to create exploration through multiple possibilities to discover an architecture fragmented by space and united by time.

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