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This project was submited to the Mies Memorial Library competition with Registration ID #23081
Tang Chun Hei
University of Hong Kong
Yu Mo Hei
University of Hong Kong
Shan Yanran
University of Hong Kong
Gu Yuying
University of Hong Kong

Mies Memorial Library

Registration ID: #23081

Taking after Crown Hall and its surrounding buildings, the structure and outlook of our Mies Memorial Library blends well with the IIT campus buildings. With the building consisting of two main parts – the two-storey high North Wing and the ground-level main library area in the south, its steel and glass exterior is largely influenced by styles created by Mies van der Rohe around the US, most notably in the IIT campus and Washington DC. While the low-lying main library area emulates those in the campus with a roof suspended from steel plates, the North Wing emulates Mies’ style with a gridlike exterior steel structure, which vaguely resembles the Martin Luther Jr. Memorial Library. The consistency in style and innovation of Mies’ architecture provides a continuation of his legacy in the IIT campus, as well as complements the curriculum he researched and academic brilliance he achieved in IIT.




Generating Process


Axonometric & Details

  • Glazed façade & independent entrance enables elegancy and serenity for the auditorium.
  • Central courtyard provides a lecture area and maximizes lighting and ventilation.
  • Furnishing Mies’ memorial library with his representative Barcelona chairs.
  • Stairs leading to elevated North Wing where Mies Collection and private study are located.
  • Entering from the south, visitors are then gently guided by these upward shelves, passing through, which one can access the North Wing.




1 Study Area

2 Study Rooms

3 Auditorium


1 Main Entrance

2 Copy Room

3 Study Area

4 Book Shelves

5 Courtyard

6 Administration

7 Bathrooms

8 Auditorium

9 Mies Collection

10 Research Stations

11 Side Entrances

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