This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #5048
Marcos Gerardo González Garay
Instituto Tecnológico de Durango
Saul Misael Rodriguez Nuñez
Instituto Tecnológico de Durango
Daniela Franco Palacios
Instituto Tecnológico de Durango
Leonardo Jair Reyes Quian
Instituto Tecnológico de Durango
Daniela Itzel Ramírez Zubarán
Instituto Tecnológico de Durango
Hector Alejandro Vazquez Graciano
Instituto Tecnológico de Durango
Andrés Emiliano Alcazar Luna
Instituto Tecnológico de Durango

A School for Bauhaus

Inspired in the heritage of Bauhaus to the world, the legacy and the growth of the arts and crafts, the proyect stands in the belief of givin’ to the legacy of Bauhaus, something back, a little piece of Mexico imbedded on the space and walls, but integrating past, present and future, leaving a new Architecture that grows in emotion, and grows in function

Our Architecture comes from the primordial idea of stereotomical, and going back to the way nature makes shelters, by carving into the earth so we take the buildings as pieces, which get multiple substractions that become habitable spaces, and going to the idea of Heidegger of what a habitable space is, and how human life and activities develop from it.

So, we take the design as a process of taking off, rather than adding, more like sculpting pieces of marble and rock, revealing layers of different colors, textures and even materials.

The exhibition space comes in the same idea of substracting rather than adding, so on the exterior it shows that identity of an architecture that is one piece, but at the same time it shows to be an envelope not only of other materials and textures, but from events and activities, so we decide to play with the light, making it part of the emotional essence of the space, making that every exhibition and activity done in it, becomes a magical process.

We look upon the necessity of creativity, and enhancing all of it because of the space interactions, and the different atmospheres created on said spaces.

Taking a look and learning from the Mexican Architect Luis Barragán, we give back to Bauhaus a gift from Mexico, an Architecture pure, emotional, that integrates function and soul, and contains experiences and dreams.

At last, we give to the building a finish on chukum, an old resin from Mexico wich has a reddish tonality and gives new sensations to the design, and protects it from humidity, heath, and the look gets completed by it.

Area plan:

  • Residence (2 Buildings).

o Bathing areas on each level (capacity for 11 people).

o Two levels with 9 double bedrooms each tower.

o5 private bedrooms.

o Social terrace.

o Wineries

o Reception

o Lobby with living room.

o Cleaning room

o Laundry area

  • Exhibition area

or 2 bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen, cap 10 people.

o Reception.

o Flexible spaces (w / curtain walls).

or winery

o Cleaning room

o Outdoor showroom

o Indoor showroom

  • Class area

o2 bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen, cap 10 people.

o Stationery

o Locker area

o Wineries

o Cleaning room

o12 rooms with capacity for 20 people.

  • Workshops

o 1 Materials workshop

o 1 Workshop for (pottery, carpentry, sculpture and painting).

o 1 Workshop for (Digital arts, 3D sculpture and modeling, digital illustration, cinematography, architectural lighting).

o 1 Workshop for (Botany / landscaping, urban design, renewable resources, photography).

o 1 winery per workshop

o Furnace area

o Printing area o CNC machine area

or 2 bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen, cap 10 people.

  • Audience

or 2 bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen, cap 10 people.

o Wineries

o Dressing rooms for men and women.

o Seating area with capacity for 200 people

o Stage (possible orchestra)

o Backstage (Bathrooms).

o Projection and sound room.

o Cleaning room

  • Coffee shop

o Kitchen

o Cold room

o Cupboard

o Diner’s area with capacity for 50 people

or 2 bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen, cap 10 people.

  • Library

o winery

o Cleaning Area

o Reading area capacity for 100 people

o File

o Shelving area.

o 2 bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen, cap 10 people.

o Reception.

  • Direction


o Secretarial cubicles

o Student service cubicles.

o File

o Machine room

o Promotion area

  • Access plaza or Reception

o Waiting area

o Surveillance room

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