for a contemporary bauhaus by Vibes Architects

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #4385
Vibes Architects
Aya Akrm Ahmed
Cairo University Faculty of Engineering Architecture department

the concept of this project was to design a building using bauhaus architecture principles but with new materials to meet nowadays sustainability goals and people psychological needs. this building was meant to be inspiring and was inspired from the graffiti on the context walls. people want colors and details, they want to express their ideas, they need their architecture to represent them. blending the previous 3 concepts resulted in this project: Gropius wanted a true form with no ornament. sustainable buildings need special materials, and people want colorful and beautiful building. the answer was building using clay pottery bonded by morter. the usage of this heritage element from local sustainable material results in a building with shades of orange and brown. this blended with the iconic bauhaus curtain wall and with its steel coated with ceramic for durability.

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