Bauhaus- A New Advent by himanshu_papiha

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #1802
Himanshu Singh
Chandigarh College of Architecture
Madhumeet Kaur
Chandigarh College of Architecture

Rectangular blocks for capitalising on the idea of open floor plan

Stacking different floor plates to cater different functions at different levels and creating form of the exhibition hall

Providing slope to incorporate the north light windows for light and ramp in the exhibition hall to provide a free flowing space through levels


Breaking the rectangular block to remove monotony of a long space

Stacking the blocks to cater the spatial requirements

Displacing the blocks for provide extra open space on the floor above


The dawn of Bauhaus freed powerful and visionary minds from the oppression of control, gifting the word a stage for grand performance. Today, when even freedom is controlled and world has become a unit for self-isolation, Bauhaus again brings with it a stage for people to stand together.

Through the entrance, the design proposes a dynamic space. On the left side, a monolithic staircase goes to the subterranean level of library leaving seating space in its wake that provides systems for research and other work. Whereas on the right, the suspended staircase leaves the space under it for extending the circulation to the washroom, elevator and offices.

The suspended staircase carries the space to adrenaline filled workshops on one side and store and staff room for in-charges and washrooms on the other. The workshops offer a hands-on approach for the children and gives them a clearer image to understand the physicality of their design. The flight of stairs lastly transcends into the field for working on paper or machines and pin up rooms for the presentation of ideas. The open plan field provides enough amount of light through the undulatory north light window necessary to hit the back hall and provides an ebullient atmosphere for children to design.


The place that will cater to the guests of honour, honourable orators for the interaction with the daily users.
Its connection to the exhibition space will allow the users to maintain their movement between spaces during the biannual exhibitions

The ramps continuously travels through the levels, ultimately creating the dynamism through the glass. The end of the ramp has an entrance from the outside to a mezzanine for further display of skilled work. The space is flexible and open, providing an ocean of themes for various events.

Open planning of studios provides an opportunity for endless interaction between the students.
The desks can be transformed into partitions which can provide spaces for separate groups.

The semi enclosed workshop spaces maintain the continuity in the built environment, yet allows the necessary division of spaces.

The conventional method of book learning is being catered on the ground floor and below it, the digital method is given prominence along with the archive section.

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