DNA CAMPUS by Atelier Projet DE2 20-21

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2694
Atelier Projet DE2 20-21
Erza Ismajli
IPAC Design Geneve
Emily Benkley
IPAC Design Geneve
Emma Amstutz
IPAC Design Geneve
Saba Taghavi
IPAC Design Geneve



DNA is the blueprint of life and is expressed in all that surrounds us. Inspired by the spiral shape of the helix we adopted DNA as our core concept; building a community which encapsulates diversity and inclusivity for all roles and personalities that define our world.


Throughout the campus our objectives and intentions are not only to achieve a sense of togetherness and equality between disciplines, but to create fluidity and openness within harmonised spaces and areas. Thus, aiming to provide a sense of an environmental balance, in which to encourage and enable communication and the sharing of knowledge, innovative concepts and ideas.


Illustrated by the spiral which denotes a pathway towards achievement, the emphasis on community, collaboration and function is woven throughout the campus design. The spiral shape embraces the openness of the central area, creating an essential and appealing space for people to congregate, enabling them to interact, socialise and connect within a natural environment.


As we embark upon our journey, we enter into the auditorium. Where we are united by the thoughts and inspirations of the people that we collaborate with. Our intellectual discovery transpires by the information we are given to process and develop our critical thinking in a systematic and constructive manner.


Following the ascending movement of the building we find ourselves within the workshop, which is encased by modular classrooms. The workshop incorporates a convergence of inventive minds, group collaborations and a sharing of ideas and creativity.


As we follow our course, we take delight in strolling through the luminous space. Here we discover temporary artistic creations alongside witnessing the spectacular panoramic view.


Reaching the highest point, where the building overlaps the auditorium, we start our descent down a broad spiral staircase, arriving at the point where the journey began.


Looking at the facade of the building from a distance we perceive a transparency which accentuates a cohabitation between the mind and nature.


As we circulate through the paths, we are guided past organic forms of accommodation, which gravitate around the centre of the building.


The DNA concept reflects the profound influence of one’s surrounding and quality of human interactions on the mind’s evolution.








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