ATECTONIC by Parametric Is More

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2968
Parametric Is More
İlayda Ergin
TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Bauhaus was known with its speculative ideals, questions on human perception and endless experiments on design and education. It’s been a century, the world changes day by day in a quick pace and yet Bauhaus ideals still lead. The year is now 2021 and we still question our ideals and perceptions on whole new concepts, and it is becoming clear that the internet and virtual reality is our future.

Bauhaus is a school where such innovations can be met. A school where all the information on the world is received over the internet by artificial intelligence and architecture. A school that creates physical space for augmented reality tests. Through technological initiatives aimed at exploring the depths of the universe and visual speculation using machine learning, it creates an alternative data universe where information sets are transformed into a source of open-ended aesthetic possibilities. Reality feeds the virtual information, virtual information feeds reality. Bauhaus is a school where one experiments their production with an interchange between simulations and real life.

Architecture is once more the way we carry information and create through it.

Atectonic Bauhaus changes phases daily. Accomodation and catering spaces are its core, unchangeable. Rest of the school is a huge interactive studio changing with information input. Exhibition halls, conferances, public areas are all a huge interface.

When it’s nighttime the school coils i’ts living spaces up. When it’s daytime it blooms with data and interactive design. A new understanding of education, surrounding and creation.


Artificial intelligence provides all the space needed: for classes, social activities and congresses .

A new type of experimentation starts between simulations and real time production. A new understanding and playground of informatıon and pixels.


Tectoic core of the school. Permanent part of the plan, center of flows yet isolated enought for peaceful time.

NIGHT PHASE example.

MINIMUM data and human circulation. No expanded studios.

DAY PHASE example.

Middle level data and human circulation.

Interactive walls are active.


MAXIMUM level data and human circulation. Interactive walls are active, production is going. Servers are full.

Bauhaus is active and living. Night is coming, urban area is empty again.

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