This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #6687
Ishan Goyal
Chandigarh College of Architecture
Chandigarh College of Architecture
Saksham Bakshi
Chandigarh College of Architecture
Chandigarh College of Architecture
Shriya Agarwal
Chandigarh College of Architecture
Ritik Bajaj
Chandigarh College of Architecture

Bauhaus aimed at making art and architecture one, our design takes this learning forward and aims at merging the art of forms, nature, emotions, and creating experiences with architecture.

A learning that Bauhaus imbibed in us was to create something that could withstand the changes brought by time. Inspired by this thought the design has no beginning or end. It embraces the basic form of shapes while giving them direction through curves, open and undefined spaces. It caters the disconnect of humans with nature filling the voids through softscapes.  Unlike the conventional campuses, the design aims to create spaces of different experiences, have flexibility, freedom, and ability to learn from the past marvels and mould with the inevitable changes in the future.

The classrooms take the idea forward of a never-ending space with infinite experiences through its circular planning and form. Its curves create a sense of curiosity, blending open space with the interior gives options to explore and experiment with thoughts and ideas.

Looking back, in the Bauhaus campus, much importance wasn’t given to the circulation than the functional spaces. When you travel to different places you remember the experiences, the interactions, the path you took. The journey becomes a subconscious part of the process which led you to your goal, it symbolizes what you observed and learnt. Our design, with the help of the organic green circulation spaces, focuses on taking the visitors through that subconscious journey, full of intrigue, excitement, and hope.

Being mindful of the functionality, the resting place should give you all the comfort you require. The dorms’ organic planning provides private spaces for one to relax, varying open spaces or nodes to promote interaction and experience sharing, the differing roof levels and pathways give every space a unique identity. The dorms’ design gives an impression of emerging from the land, creating rhythm and growth, complimented by their green roofs, which provide insulation to the interior space and also harmonize with the landscape, decreasing the visible density of built mass and soften the sitescape.


PROJECTABLE- A space-saving design intervention that makes an area multifunctional with a few flips and folds. Its anthropometric sleek steel skeleton design, simple hinges and bolts mechanism facilitates it to turn into a display board, a table for exhibition, and a bench for comfort. It adds to the dynamic character of the pavilion which represents the very idea of Bauhaus i.e. freedom of expression. The pavilion creates a vast central space that holds the campus together, allowing people to pass through it, and use the space in variable ways with ‘projectable’. Its form, derived from ocean waves represents fluidity and change. Change is a fact and adapting to it through comfortable solutions is what Bauhaus seeks and the pavilion showcases.

“We have forgotten that humans are designed by nature to learn through self-directed play and exploration, and so, more and more, we deprive them of freedom to learn.”

~ Peter O. Gray

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