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This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #2650
good good study
Huang Qinya
Chongqing University
Liu yujie
Chongqing University
Rao Minqi
Chongqing University
Pang Simai
Chongqing University
Chen Guang
South China University of Technology

Bauhaus & Bauhaus2021


Facing the impact of mechanical production on society, Bauhaus put forward a pioneering answer in the 1820s.100 years later,the world we faced was more complicated, and the design intervention ideas were more diverse. Therefore, we hope that the new Bauhaus is a very inclusive place: can truly listen to the many problems that need to be solved by design, and can also propose diverse and wonderful design ideas; further, it should be able to integrate AR and other information technologies. Simulate the construction, and get the opinions and feedback of the owners, teachers or classmates in time. Therefore, we adopted a “bazaar” to guide the entire design-a spatial model with no hierarchical differences, multiple integration, and multi-party participation. Here, Each campus attendees can put forward his own design plan, and can find like-minded teachers and classmates to design, produce, and display the results of the team together; anyone can come to appreciate the displayed works, put forward opinions or find their favorite Party B. We hope to create more cross-border cooperation, collisions of ideas, and inspiration with the “bazaar” space model, and provide a place for new Bauhaus members to facilitate communication, cooperation, and inspiration.





Bauhaus;workshops;Academic Foreland;Combination of industries and education;Feedback;Enlightenment;public.


2021 Zeitgeist;Fair Education Opportunity;Life-long Learning;Public Participation;Democratic Design.


Bauhaus 2021;design;education;exhibition;market;POE;public participation;customize;public communication activity space;AR building space;workshops;feedback;reservation;cafeteria;dorms;design bazaar;network platform;servicespace.


advantage;Cross-boundary Collaboration;Knowledge Fusion;Combination of Industries and Education;Real-time Feedback















ground plan;second floor plan;third floor plan;fourth floor plan;


1.Workshop;2. Classroom;3.AR Vertical Disply Area;4cafeteria ;5 Dorm ;6 Student Activity Area;7 -1F Activity Area



unit function


Classroom;meeting room;machine workshop;art workshop;multi-media workshop;studyroom;salon room;breakoutroom;  storeroom;exhibition stall;

situation for learning:classrooms & workshops;

situation for Public participation:exhibition stall &  Communication space



Building user;students,Handwerksmeister;Clients;Citizen;

Daily life;During the exhibition

Classa;construction;sinkingplaza;workshops;solo exhibition;bazaar shop;finial exhibition;auditorium;


Occasions of the sinking square


Interior and exterior folding doors closed, with the interior becomes a separate auditorium.


With the folding outside wall as the projection wall, the sunken square can become an outdoor cinema.


With both sets of folding doors open, the sunken plaza can be extended into an outdoor stage.


Using the auditorium flexibly, the sunken square forms the performance stage of various scales.


Both the auditorium and the sunken plaza are accessible, creating a unique stage for two-sided viewing.


The open bazaar space above the auditorium can be used as an urban stage.



aerial perspective


Indoor exhibition area perspective


piazza perspective


Section perspective




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