Bauhaus Campus by CACHOS

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #7941
Facundo Ibarra
Universidad ORT
Valentina Oromí
Universidad ORT

Dessau University’s new campus was built to satisfy the housing needs of diverse contemporary students. Incorporating adaptable spaces was a key piece to enhance their interests and search of unique experiences. All areas were created with four main pillars in mind: safety, reflexion, interchange and freedom.

The global pandemic has resignified the value of what we consider fundamental in our lives. In this way, humanity has found the time and space to go back to its origins, making the tangible and pragmatic appraised. Inspired by this, the incorporation of white and pure spaces are combined with diverse and shifting ones. Transparencies are also included so that recreational areas and the building’s programs are appreciated from the exterior. Green areas are revalued, coming in contact with both public and built spaces to unify all the surroundings.

The common area becomes the exhibition space. Inspirations, achievements and creative pieces of the students mold this area into a display of imprints on campus. What is exhibited on the esplanade generates a visible, public and characteristic image of each stage in the students’ academic process. This is a direct reflection of the adaptability of change that the campus embodies, which is seen by the world. With all these integrations, the space manages to function in a similar way to how contemporary life does: diverse, changing and exposed

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