Design Factory by CQUer5408

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #2528
Chen Shiyi
Chongqing University
Yang Yunyi
Chongqing University
Fan Xiangnan
Chongqing University

We set up a new learning model: using cloud big data to collect the syllabus and course arrangement in the traditional learning model to create an online community. The subject initiator finds the problem and uploads it to the cloud;

Participants find interest and join the discussion; Big data automatic matching to form a task group. On this platform, discussion can be carried out, necessary knowledge can be downloaded independently, and offline social space can be reserved. Intelligent management system can automatically match the discussion classroom and practice space according to the needs. This is a design teaching and practice integration of design education practice base, anyone can join or participate freely. Facing the residential area, there is an open square. The big steps at the crossroads welcome everyone to stop and stay. It is a display window for school activities, a sales area for designed products, and a practice corner for creativity.

The design practice park facing the railway corridor shuttle, it is divided into the horticulture area, urban furniture area and field construction area, the corridor is in line with the railway direction connected with the exhibition site. Spanning a triangular site, the building features open discussion Spaces and privately booked classrooms; An event hall with real-time display Windows; Semi-open workshops with high-end mechanical laboratory equipment;

Timely exhibition space and creative exploration space connected with the workshop; Residential units where design practices can be observed and activities discussed…In this school, the collision of design practice, professional exchange and creative inspiration can happen anytime and anywhere.

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