Converging Tangencies by FNOW

This project was submited to the Finalists competition with Registration ID #23111
Fergal Tse Yau Wai
University of Hong Kong
Heung Tsz Kwan
University of Hong Kong
Chun Yan Oscar Wong
University of Hong Kong
Jianing Yu
University of Hong Kong

Re-interpreting and reinventing the role of the core within a building, the Mies memorial library seeks to reverse the hierarchy of space and order through the exploration of tangents extending from a central sphere, serving as the main circulation between all functions of the building.

The various paths each lead to their respective programs of individual study, open collection, and Mies collection. The paths converge and intersect into one big staircase that not only acts as a circulation point between the two levels of the building, but also a place for students to convene, collaborate and create.

The memorial library is situated at the heart of the IIT campus at Siegel field and acts as the final piece in Mies’ masterplan of the campus by extrapolating the horizontal datum of the W 33rd street and the form of the Armour College of Engineering.

The extending tangents not only distribute the space and function of the building but also fosters a place for students to explore knowledge and all its tangencies.

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