CAMPUS BAUHAUS 2021 by Caribearq

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #5325
Juliana Andrade
Universidad del Atlántico
Marian Vizcaino
Universidad del Atlántico
Maria Camila Olivero
Universidad del Atlántico
Nelson Hernández
Universidad del Atlántico
Juan Roncancio
Universidad del Atlántico

We understand the new Bauhaus as a space that integrates flexibility, union and warmth concepts. Therefore, and bear in mind the Bauhaus basis of arts and techniques integration, we project the new house for students who will convert in architects, artists and designers. In these proposed spaces they can learn, get better and explore new ideas and solutions to today´s problems, but with an emphasis on a new vision of spaces more practical and versatile. Because of that, the project offers its new occupants the possibility of direct union with the surrounding environment.

In a tour from North to South through the fully accessible spaces, there is the auditorium, the workshop and class building, the exhibition space, the cafeteria and the dorms.

In the auditorium exists the possibility of integration with the esplanade that precedes it and it’s serves as a prelude to the whole being a useful space for holding outdoor events. The workshop and class building is the center of the composition being the lobby its main nucleus, which combines elements for collective and circulation activities.

The exhibition space with square shape rises over sturdy pillars located at its corners and around it the exhibition tunnels allow conceiving new experiences for the users. The cafeteria is a small independent building that blends in with the surrounding outdoor space defining two different areas. Finally, the dorms building are facing south including accessible spaces on the first floor, common zones and some rooms.




The proposed plot is located in an isolated sector of Dessau where the low building height predominates and there is the presence of train tracks.


In the first approach, the aim is to ocuppy the largest possible area with variable heights in the five components: auditorium(1), workshop and class building(2), cafeteria(3), exhibition space(4) and dorms(5) to balance the space of the plot.


The components are rotated to vary their implantation in the plot and take advantage of climate.


The campus entries from street level are established that can be walk through the urban park that offers recreation areas, cycle path and parking area.


The cafeteria: the space is involved by an oval design in order to break the straight shapes in project. It allows open sights to outside and inside a stay for a bite to eat or coffee.

Auditorium: We were seeking for an attractive shape located in a focal point of the project.

Residences: a broken style is used, breaking with a linear axis, creating 3 blocks connected by circulation, these blocks are located so that they take advantage of the majority of sunlight.

Education: A linear style is used to take advantage of sunlight, double height and spaces intended to perceive the feeling of spaciousness.

Exhibition space: Since the beginning futuristic-inspired design was wanted. We created tunnels that wrap a main box shaped salon appearance that guide towards the top.

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