This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2809
Sebastian Aguirre Bustamante
Universidad de San Buenaventura
Isabella Giraldo Borja
Universidad de San Buenaventura
Maria Isabel Galvis Villa
Universidad de San Buenaventura
Juan José López Vásquez
Universidad de San Buenaventura
Yexia Xiomara Vallejo Ortiz
Universidad de San Buenaventura



…Well my esteemed apprentice, the Bauhaus was always destined to overtake that vocation of which it availed itself in its first appearance, after that, its mention was never pigeonholed in the particular manner of the renowned “school of arts”. From the beginning, its meaning diversified so much that it was even called movement, and became part of everyday life as a constant analogous interpretation of objects, of architecture, of inhabiting.
Now listen,
Today, after decades and a legacy behind, the movement comes once again with the unstoppable intention to exceed our expectations, proposing a look back in order to offer convincing solutions for the present.
Without the need of a predecessor; as if it were possible to contain the uncontainable, the Bauhaus has become a work and taking the risk of overflowing, it settles in an property under the pretense of removing that moment in which man and art were one and every frontier was almost imperceptible.
The work you see settled there is not superficially intended as a building, but as the representation of a community that creates and professes as a function of a humanity made of art.Through these three volumes it seems that the Bauhaus has life, each of them tries to capture what became essential more than 100 years ago.  Art, craftsmanship and forms of living converse with each other, their relationship is built with values such as the subtlety of the free floor, the simplicity of the interior, the exquisiteness of the glass and the diagramming of space. Within the particularities of this campus you can feel that your visuals travel through the large metallic elements and the contemporary truss to an emerging city.
The squares are found as meeting spheres strengthening multidisciplinary ties. Finally the theater, the heart built between modern intentions and contemporary technology that allows its opening to the world.
There is the Bauhaus, taken from the imagination of those who want to live it.
The campus is divided into three open plan volumes, the middle one is in charge of welcoming the visitor, housing the classrooms and leading to the auditorium, it is connected to the rooms that rest on the cafeteria and are accompanied by a large social area, just in front, the workshop building rises and gives way to the art gallery.
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