Alyansa: Bauhaus Campus by JEROMM PH

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2344
Nikki Jane L. Occeña
Mapua University
Aaron Paul T. Juridico
Mapua University
Hannah Mikaela C. Medalla
Mapua University
Sophia Lorraine U. Estabaya
Mapua University
Joana Marie L. Ramirez
Mapua University
Ysabel Louise R. Matienzo
Mapua University

Alyansa is a Filipino word for alliance which means a relationship between two bonds. This is expressed in the structure’s design strategy, which seeks to pursue a connection between human activity and lifestyle while also establishing relationship between human and nature.

It is inspired to be simple, futuristic, and sustainable. The first technology introduced in this design is called AuREUS, a Filipino invention utilized in walls and windows that uses technology from crop waste which is responsible in absorbing UV light and converting it to clean renewable energy.

Furthermore, bioswale is also being implemented through the plan by creating a landscape feature that highlights the ecological connection zone and serves as an alternative stormwater solution that can absorb runoff and break up contaminants before releasing any water into the atmosphere.

One key feature of Alyansa Bauhaus Campus is the strategic placement of social space. This progressive utopia allows interaction among users thereby manipulates stress level and encourages productivity and creativity. The design also connects human to nature therefore the installation of Hangar door that serves as additional passageway for natural ventilation during summer, spring, and autumn while during winter it may be put closed to prevent snow from entering the premises of the structure. This inhibits the principle of Bauhaus that aims to bring together the life and human activity.

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