The Bauhaus Campus in the Year 2021 by BU Team

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #5399
BU Team
Fatma salah shembesh
Berenice university of architecture and urbinism
Malak ali elneihwi
Berenice University of Architecture and Urbanism
Halima Mohameed Alshareif
Berenice university of architecture and Urbanism
Boshra Salem Elbarghathi
Berenice university of architecture and Urbanism
Sama Khaled elorofi
Berenice university of architecture and Urbanism
Khadijah Ahmed belnour
Berenice university of architecture and Urbanism
Istabraq abdelkader elabbar
Berenice university of architecture and Urbanism
Bushra ahmed zahra
Berenice university of architecture and Urbanism
The Bauhaus spirit if breaking down barriers and collaboration between disciplines still resonates strongly and can be taken as a model when facing current and future issues
In a world full of tediousness and buildings that have lost their sense of humanity and beauty, the new Bauhaus campus introduces a different vision of a welcoming space for the public to explore the true Bauhaus spirit, which translates transparency and no barriers between the outside and inside, as well as incorporating vegetation inside the building to emphasize it›s relationship with nature .
this is reflected in the design concept where the building is raised above ground level creating a public arena that can engage the community in the activities of the campus ,whilst on the upper levels the matters of critical teaching and exchange proceed and all within an open and boundary-free environment
The building’s functionality is defined using Kandinsky’s theory on geometrical elements ( point and line to plane ) as a guide to the plans, and the form is developed around the function with minimal closed areas and no wasted space, Two main courtyards, one on the right side of the building and the other in the center “gallery area” bring vegetation into the building and encourage natural ventilation throughout the campus building.
The gallery is divided into two sections, one on the ground floor and the other below ground, providing 2 different experiences for the iconic gallery ,The landscape is stepped to connect to the below ground gallery space from two sides forming an outdoor amphitheater extending into gallery. Linear strips echoed in the landscape recur in the shading elements that characterize the design.
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