Creative space by Captain Morgan

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #5370
Captain Morgan
Changhyuong Lee
pusan national university
Moonseok Jung
pusan national university
Kyeonghoo Park
pusan national university

Creative space – The most important part of designing architect campus was to create creative spaces for students. Different strategies were applied to exhibitions, classrooms&workplaces, and dormitories to create creative spaces.


Exhibition – New space and movement are created Through the emptiness of space, and it used as exhibitions area. When there is no exhibition, building itself provide various spatial and visual experiences.

Dormitory– The two basic residential masses are overlapped through the kitchen to create a shared space. The combined mass is overlapped through the study room to create another shared space. laundry room and printer room are overlapped to create a shared space for guest  and student .This kind of various shared spaces induce natural communication.

classroom & workshop  –After placing rectangular-shaped classrooms, overlapping parts are used as open-space work rooms. It naturally connects the theoretical classroom with the practical workshop.It helps to make creative ideas into visible forms.

Mass – Three large mass were placed along the triangular site, looking at the wall-like path of the railroad.Three program mass and railroad tracks create a walless interior space for students.It also used a huge roof that covering the land not to be a ordinary space, and various shaped openings on the roof made people experience various form of natural light.



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