#5384 by lian

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #5384
Annika Stein
Hochschule Düsseldorf
Lisa Pillmann
Hochschule Düsseldorf

Bauhaus Campus 2021 #5384

The idea of the floor plan structure for the Bauhaus Campus 2021 in Dessau, Germany is based on three large building-blocks with different heights, that are rotated around and connected through the entrance hall. Each Block has one completely closed wall made out of exposed concrete which acts as a fireproof wall.

The other large window facades are covered with colourful slats as a form of sun-protection. The specific colours are chosen to blend in with the colours of the buildings nearby and are a reinvention of the typical Bauhaus primary colours blue, red and yellow.

Therefore the facade alternates concrete and colorful slats with glass.

The central part of the campus is the exhibition space, which starts in the entrance hall and flows through the building. To intrigue the visitors interist a landscape of stacked concrete slabs spreads from the outside to the inside and out again on the other side. These slabs allow a flexible display for panels, architectural models, product design or digital presentations with projectors against the walls. The frame construction of the hall allows the room to have a lot of structure and character and elevates this room from the others. There is a barrier-free route around the slabs integrated.

In other parts of the ground floor of the building complex are a large auditorium, a fully equipped workshop space and immediately at the entrance an inviting cafeteria.

Above are classrooms, free working spaces as well as terraces functioning as outdoor classrooms located.

The dorms are separated form the main building to create different enviorenments for living and learning. The rooms are ranging from smaller single to larger shared rooms and additional shared spaces for washing, bicycles and common rooms are provided.

The access is enabled through open arbourways which created an inner courtyard with trees and space to rest.

To ensure the coherence of the two buildings the same materials were used.

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