This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #6681
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL)

When it comes to the bauhaus school, a German school of art and design located in Dessau. When looking for new opportunities for the school ,the possibilities for school spaces may not have to be as large and broad as a normal campus. Rather, it is a partial expansion that adds a learning area out of the building’s boundary framework. There is one story that the bauhaus once said about himself. The Bauhaus school is “ a stage to expression ”.

Therefore, new opportunities for the bauhaus school may be to look at the
individual actions that take place in the building. Both expressions another show between students and students ,someone acts on their own table and learns from the sight of the other table. Both act teach and learn in themselves ,Until the area of each part that is inserted. Each part expresses keep yourself staging . Moreover, for the future it’s to expressions from all over the world.

The bauhaus school act as a stage that can call itself fully preparing every area is a stage in itself, it can be a stage for each other in a school. It is a stage that corresponds to Dessau the city of learning and an environment conducive to expression and a platform for the world that opens opportunities for everyone to show expressing what you want to learn and want to express here. It still has a bauhaus school vibe, but it gives the Bauhaus school a chance to be a place for everyone to show themselves off.


The classroom auditorium , the staring point platform of learning

The classroom stage was remembered at the front open the corner
to meeting the main entrance that acts as a stage below.

Pressing down Back stage , digital platform of event space.

To accommodate exhibitions or other performances, up to the
backing of classroom auditorium, press the area down into a hole.
Then call it the back stage, an event space that acts as a digital stage where people from all over the world can enter the Bauhaus school and make it a public performance space. Through technology can connected to the exhibition an classroom and the workshop

Indoor staging

an internal learning space that connects all classrooms that are inserted into the workshop where the exhibition hall is vertically inserted.

More than that the site was able to staging on its own, with Dessau designed and prepared as urban landscape to accommodate other possibilities in Dessau’s learning spaces aligned with the theater and stage. In the city then we believe Bauhaus can be more than a school. It is the audience and the performer at the same time, the performance of the Bauhaus school is still there and it will be forward again.

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