CxR debut by Iris

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2966
Zdrob Carina Stefania
University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" Bucharest
Ritco Robert
University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" Bucharest

In our project we tried to combine in a functionally way the ideal of a university campus. We created large spaces, with wide windows, to take full advantage of natural light. The ensemble consists of 4 bodies, one that is the exhibition building, which we consider one of the most attractive landmarks of the campus, the second being represented by the body of the workshops, where students have the opportunity to put into practice everything presented to them in the courses in the next building, which is a large conference room, spacious for everyone. And last but not least the building that is made up of a library and a bistro on the ground floor and upstairs are the students’ rooms, but we also find some rooms for campus guests or teachers, along with a shared kitchen.

In the workshop building, we find on the ground floor workshops of sculpture, ceramics or clay, where students are invited to let their imagination run wild and create with their guides. We find very important the storage space in such workshops, so that the raw material, the tools and everything that the students need in their creations are kept in good conditions but also to maintain an order of the space.

Upstairs, we can find drawing, painting and mural art workshops but also multi-purpose studios where workshops or sometimes even lectures for smaller groups are held. Each student benefits in the studio from his own storage space, but there are also common storage spaces. The workshops take place freely, leaving the possibility for the students to sit down and organize their space at will. We also created a place for short breaks, with a kitchenette and a few armchairs, which we consider essential for everyone’s comfort.

The student’s room area is an equally large area, to offer privacy to any student. The rooms are configured for 3 students, with separate beds, desks, and private bathroom and laundry. There is also a common kitchen for those who want to prepare their own food. The area is divided both for students and for guests or teachers, it has 6 double bedrooms, with dressing room and bathroom.

On the ground floor we find a library, an individual study area for students, but also a self-service bistro. Near the amphitheater, we find a private lounge for guests and teachers, but also a common space for free discussions between students and teachers and also exist a workshop where both students and guests can practically apply what is discussed at seminars.

In conclusion, we try to design a harmonious space in accordance with the site, an ideal of a campus in our vision, in which any student would like to learn, combined with in-depth functions that offer comfort to everyone who visits it.

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