Bauhaus Campus by MLM

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #6653
Micaela Benchoam
Universidad ORT
Martina Cabrera
Universidad ORT
Lucía Uriano
Universidad ORT

For the new campus of the emblematic Bauhaus School located in the city of Dessau, Germany, we propose a project based on the combination of two remarkable aspects in order to encourage the study and general interest for art.


Some of the ideas in which the School was founded have been lost, such as life in community, and is our goal to restore it. We aim to create a campus that holds a small community and encourages social interaction and active learning. To achieve this, our proposal consists of five interconnected buildings articulated around a large central space, being the latter the heart of social life of the campus.


On the other hand, art is sometimes falsely considered an extravagant discipline with which society do not identify. This project intends to reverse the lack of interest in art and make it appealing to  common people again. Therefore, this exhibition seeks to break with traditional exhibition spaces, generating an attractive and outstanding volume while promoting an interactive experience with visitors.


In order to immerse viewers in the process of creating artwork and generate a greater appreciation for art, this exhibition integrates both completed and ongoing artworks. To enhance the connection with the public even more, the design contains various entrances allowing visitors to look and enter the rest of the buildings and cherish the current activities. For instance, students working in the workshops.


The exhibition building also functions as internal circulation of the campus providing access to all buildings. Through the combination of these two functions, we promote art to become an inherent part of the School, concomitant with the unconsciously incorporation of knowledge of those who reside and study there. Oftentimes, the most important ideas and breakthroughs occur outside the classroom, in unexpected places and moments.

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