BAUHAUS CAMPUS 2021 by samgtu

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #4369
Babicheva Elizaveta Olegovna
Samara State Technical University
Shilko Egor Olegovich
Samara State Technical University

The territory is located within walking distance from humanitarian facilities-shops, government offices, hospitals. A cultural center and a library are also located next to the planned object.

This diagram shows the movement of public transport. The main transport branch is the railway, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the object.

This diagram shows the general landscaping of the area. We can say that the planned territory is located in an area with sufficient landscaping. There are parks, squares, and even a forest in the north.

A functional analysis of the connection between the main building of the Bauhaus, the proposed campus and the museum was carried out. The distance between the main building and the campus is 1.2 kilometers. And the distance between the campus and the museum is 1 kilometer.

The concept of this student campus is to divide the functional areas into 3 buildings – an exhibition center, an educational center and a hostel.
A special feature of the campus is the use of eco-friendly materials and technologies. All facades have stabilized moss in the form of whole walls or inscriptions.
The most iconic place is the exhibition center, which consists of 2 floors and includes an exhibition space, a cafe and an administrative part. Total internal area of the building – 1 500 m2.
The educational block includes all workshops (painting and drawing, sculpture, photo workshops and of course architectural and design). The building has 3 floors, as well as a basement floor where technical rooms for the processing of solar energy distribution are located (panels are located on the roof). Another important feature of this building is the spacious lecture hall, which is intended for both lectures and cultural events. A small library was also provided next to the double-height classroom. This space is intended for masterclasses as well as for group training. Total internal area of the building – 2 000 m2.
In order not to interfere with students’ rest after the school day, a separate building was designed in which student rooms are located. The hostel consists of 4 floors. It includes student rooms, rooms for teachers, guests, a gym, administrative and technical rooms and a winter garden. In the basement there is a technical part for the collection, processing and distribution of storm water from the roof. The student living rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floor. on the 4th floor there are several student rooms, as well as teachers ‘and guests’ rooms. Total internal area of the building – 1200 m2.
All buildings are connected by an area – a space for communication.
The campus is designed in accordance with the design assignment. It meets the required areas and functionality.


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