This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #4367
Mykyta Bilonoh
Wrocław University of Science and Technology

The Bauhaus Сampus project is a solution that combines all campus functions within a single building. The building has three floors and two wings.

There are three main functional spaces: public and exhibition, educational, and residential.

The public and exhibition spaces are located at the front wing of all three floors. The ground floor contains the entrance area, administration, café, toilets and technical rooms. The exhibition space is located on the second floor, and showcases various works of students.

The educational space is located at the rear wing of the building, across two floors. Workshops are located on the ground floor. Students can experiment with different materials—bringing their ideas and concepts to life. On the second floor, the classrooms have 24 hour access, and can be used as a study space. Students can also consult with teachers during work hours and attend various events on campus.

The residential block is also located at the building’s rear wing, on the second and third floors, and connects to the public and study areas. The student dorms have been designed according to the principle of a block system. One block (for four people) consists of two rooms, a kitchenette, toilet and a shower. In addition, each residential floor has a communal kitchen and student recreation area.

The third floor connects the two wings of the building and has exits to the level two green roofs, and function as recreational areas.

Undercover parking is located at the edge of the plot, and serves as a soundproof shield from the railway. The parking lot has garages for bicycles and scooters, as well as a gym.

The roof of the parking lot provides an additional recreational space in the form of a promenade. There are also gazebos, an amphitheater and a basketball court.

The Bauhaus Campus will be open to visiting students as well as students residing on campus.


educational center / recreation area / gym / entrance / exit of parking / basketball playground / lift for disabled people / amphitheater  / bicycle garage / scooter garage / gazebos

dorm space / rest zone / green roofs / auditorium / kitchen / classes / exhibition space / workshops / technical space / toilets / cafeteria / reception / administration

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