#2827 by UICOW

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2827
Daniil Gusakov
Zarina Shaikhullina
Elmira Khusnullina
Olga Kotyashova
Veronika Tukhvatullina

The basis of our project is the idea of the rethinking of studying process and mentorship.
The main focus is on the product produced by the hands of students within the walls of the campus, whether it is subject design, textiles, architecture. All the developments are placed in a warehouse in the workshops and the best of them fall into the hyper exhibition multifunctional space – “cube”. Here you can find the achievements of the Bauhaus school both in the past and in the future, those that have yet to be developed and put here. A simple form on the outside and a complex structure on the inside suggests that behind each seemingly simple form is hidden a whole manifesto or story. The building has two types of exhibitions: public, accessible during working hours for everyone, and private, it can be paid or simply closed with access only by invitation. Here, in Cuba, open lectures can be held or performances of major speakers, festivals, etc. can be organized. The site has many use cases.
The composition is supported by three more blocks, each of which symbolizes the stage of development of the school in each of the 3 cities of Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin. The cube is the quintessence and starting point of a new era of the Bauhaus school’s education.
A special feature of the workshops is that right in their base there are bureaus of different directions (textiles, architecture, constructions bureaus). They already select students for an internship at the training stage, thus students get the most practical skills from the first months of training.
The block of dormitories and classrooms is a single structure divided by a vertical connection-a staircase node. This allows you to separate the flow of people and students.
And there really are people here! And this is one of the main features of the space – hospitality. For this purpose, all conditions are created here – an amphitheater, an open cafe, shops on the first floors. On the central square, on weekends or in the evening, events of regional or city significance are held, which will attract third-party income for the development of the school. Plus, how do people know what they are doing in the Bauhaus if you do not show and tell them about the activities.
Summing up, we can say that the formation of an accessible and multifunctional space is the main difference between this campus and many others.

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