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      Is there any limitation for the presentation board ? Like page size, amount of pages, size of files, fonts,..?

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      Hi there!

      Yes, there are some presentation rules you must follow. You can find the details on the “submission” section on the competition’s brief (page 10).

      However, we are seriously considering changing the presentation board size from din-A2 to din-A1, we will be making an official announcement about that next week.

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        I was interested to know if it has already been agreed on a change of board size to A1. (in case I have missed the official announcement 🙂 )

        Furthermore, are we to put plans and sections to a specific scale, or would a scale bar be sufficient for them?
        Thank you in advance!

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      E. Llorens

      Dear @arkitekturo. It’s an interesting point to switch from A2 to A1. At the same time this adds “free-workload” to the competition (as the time(=money) we put into a competition is “hold” in an expectation for a win). This replicate models (which I believe this competition is working to fight against). It might be interesting to focus on a small but pretty intense board instead of adding space, which will eventually lead to extra documentation. It is also interesting to see the ability to condense information

      I’m pretty sure you’ll find the right balance

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      That is a great point! Learning how to synthesize and show a project within limited space/time is definitely a valuable skill. We are still considering the implications of changing the presentation board size. We might reach out to you all registered teams soon so that you can share your opinions on this and weight in on the de final decision 😉

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        E. Llorens

        Nice! Keep us posted! 🙂

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      Carmen Romero

      ¡Hola a todos los que leáis esto!

      Quería preguntar en qué idioma deben estar los textos que produzcamos, creo haber leído que es en inglés pero no lo recuerdo y no he vuelto a encontrar la parte en la que lo leí. Gracias

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        Hola Carmen. Muy buena pregunta. No hay ninguna restricción en cuanto al idioma en el que se pueden presentar los proyectos, sin embargo siempre recomendamos el inglés para que cuando los proyectos sean publicados en nuestra web y en otros medios del sector, con covertura internacional, todo el mundo pueda entender los proyectos. Otra cosa a tener en cuenta son los idiomas que habla el jurado. Si bien no hay restricciones en cuanto al idioma de presentación, si el jurado no puede entender el texto será como si no estuviese ahí, por lo que nuevamente el inglés es recomendable.

        Dicho esto, el medio natural a través del cual se expresa la arquitectura son las imagenes, por lo que si bien algún texto complementario puede ser útil, es recomendable limitarlos al mínimo imprescindible y que el proyecto se pueda llegar a entender sin ellos.


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      Magali Rocco

      I am confused about de PLOT.
      The briefing says: “Though your arkitekturo dashboard, yousubmit your A2 panel, plus all pieces contained in the panel, separately.”
      By the oder hand, at the forum PRE-REGISTRATION QUESTION, your answer to @ Nahuel Darretos (Diseños de lâminas conformación), your answer was “only one A2 panel”. It means that is not only one panel.
      So, concerning the briefing, could you explain better which piece are you realy talking about and in which panel size they must be?
      thank you in advance.

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        Hello Magali,

        Sure thing, we are sorry about any confusion we might have caused.

        Your project must indeed be presented in just one single A2 panel. Nahuel was probably asking how many boards could be presented, and the answer to that question is just one.

        Your single presentation board will probably contains everal pieces of information. For example, your board might include a main render, a floorplan, a section and a paragraph of text. What we ask is that you submit your A2 panel, and then also upload all those pieces of information individually aswell. So in that case you would upload:

        • One file with your A2 panel
        • and then

        • One file with only your render
        • One file with only your floorplan
        • One file with only your section
        • Your text

        So in the end the only information you will be submiting is the one on your A2 panel, nothing more.

        We ask to receive all the pieces of information indivdually because it makes it easier to publish them on architecture websites, blogs and magazines.

        Hope this makes sense. Please let us know if you need any further clarification.

        The arkitekturo team

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      Saludo Arkitekturo,

      Basado en su información suministrada, quiero una aclaración puntual para no dejar dudas.

      ¿En los archivos independientes que se entregaran fuera del panel Din-A2, se pueden subir renders o datos relevantes adicionales que no se encuentren dentro del panel Din-A2?

      ¡Quedo al pendiente!

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        Hola Jose,

        No, los archivos que se suben de forma independiente tienen que ser exclusivamente los que se encuentren dentro del din-A2. El jurado sólo revisará el panel, no los archivos independientes. El objetivo de pedir los archivos de forma independiente es poder publicarlos de forma correcta en webs de arquitectura, revistas y redes sociales, donde la presentación “en panel” puede no ser la más adecuada.

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      Arkitekturo, Gracias por la aclaración

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