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This project was submited to the First competition with Registration ID #23047
Huu Tri TRAN
Hanoi University of Civil Engineering
Duy Tan TRAN
Hanoi University of Civil Engineering
Thai Son AU
Hanoi University of Civil Engineering

“Not just about creating a library with functions and for meetings with surrounding buildings. The building needs to create interesting interactive space for students and landscapes within the campus, where people Immerse the world of Mies and think about future spaces through the architectural philosophy he left behind ”

Regional connection: The overall position of IIT University of Technology formed a long axis of interaction with adjacent architectural works. At the same time, favorable for the public transport system, close to the living area of the student. These are the advantages of access to the project

Positioning: The locational selection of the land is based on the research and analysis of the genetic code by IIT university, which is combined from a network of buildings arranged and planned based on the building axis and the scales of 1/2, 1/3, and 2/3. We recommend the location of the building and landscape to be compatible with the architectural proportions among the buildings left behind by Mies Van Der Rohe by identifying the main location of the inner buildings using lines connecting other important buildings

Access: Based on the internal traffic flow within the university campus and the overall plan, we can identify a direct connection between the current site and the 4 main works. With such identification, we can determine the internal traffic axis, the access paths to nearby buildings, and approaches to our memorial library.

The selected area is located at the heart of the whole university, on the building axis of the IIT University. Thus, the idea comes from using the space as a resting area, or a Pavillion for students in the school, rather than just an ordinary library. Using this idea, the group desired to create a small, light at first glance; as if it was floating between the green space, ensuring that neither the surrounding landscape nor the spacious rest area is damaged, and bringing all closed functions of the building underground to limit the impacts on the scenery above. Thereby, it created two opposite spatial layers; the upper layer acts as a nurturing shelter for future generations of IITs, and the layer below is dedicated to remembering the work of Mies Van Der Rohe in contributing to the construction and creation of IIT university.
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