the webb by Arkrart

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2609
Benjamin Carrion
Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Josue Arguello
Universidad San Francisco de Quito

the webb

In the post-digital world humanity and technology merge together. The realities of technology and informatic connectivity inspire us to think critically in the repetitive design school speech. In order to design we are no longer dependent on brain/hand sketching, rather thinking/executing. We live in a world in which digital means routine, then laptops and mediums are relics of our thinking evolution. Therefore, the first question is how design education will develop in the age of informatic immediacy.

Immediacy – Immersion – Interaction

These are the three pillars of human thinking. We live in a world interconnected, such that we have developed networks of infrastructure to push humanity further.

Bauhaus Campus 2021, the webb, contemplates itself as an informatic system container free from any borders. This structure holds systems that allow information to be amplified into the world. Architecture and design should be a technology developer that helps humanity to live comfortably on equity with the environment.

Greek Philosophy

Begining of transmission of information as schools of education

Bauhaus education

Education model of transmission of information through the arts and practice

the webb (Bauhaus 2021)

Technology systems, arts, and practice use each other as a method of education and production

Information forces

Recognition of Dessau’s guides and information forces through the site

the webb

Dessau’s information forces define the volumetric shapes

Programmatic forces

Dessau’s information systems define the program and height of each branch

the auditorium

The evolutive space of dialog opens to Addenda’s Bauhaus Museum forces

the exhibition

Itself transforms pushing and lowering platforms to house new spaces

the atrium

The core! Ideas, space, and students interact with one another

the workshop

Houses the weight of ideas that can be created into tangible objects

the server

Catches information and design signals, transform them, and pushes them into the world

the design space

Mankind and technology hug each other, helping humanity design evolution

Manifestos of the post-digital education Bauhaus Campus 2021

1_ The evolutive structure of the intellect

Mankind lives immerse in a state where physical barriers no longer exist, we are connected to the network.

2_ The infrastructure of design

Mankind lives merged to technology that enhances the process of creation.

3_ The timeless monument

Mankind lives when he/she himself reacts, therefore space (the monument) evolves, displaces, and unfolds.

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