Experimental Hinterland by AuHaU

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2654
Ye Ganghua
National University of Singapore
Jeremy Tan
National University of Singapore
Chen Xingsheng
National University of Singapore
Cheryl Lam
National University of Singapore
Tang Wei
National University of Singapore
Kennard Lim
National University of Singapore

In the age of machine, the relationship between man and nature is slowly eroded, with the neglect of the significance of material ecology. With the Bauhaus school, our vision is to create a world as an organism, where growth is the new form of aesthetic. The education culture focuses on the lifecycle of a material; birth, growth, and rebirth. To facilitate this, a material farm is integrated into the school, allowing artists to create through the landscape using vital cycles of microorganisms, and natural materials. The typology deployed encapsulates the idea of material farm sharing, where each workspace is simultaneously connected to four other farms.


Material Farm

Materials harvested from the farms will be processed and incorporated into artists’ works. The artists’ studio spaces are also made of harvested materials to signify the growth of space guided by the artist’s designs.


Funneling effect

The creation of funneling effect is used to attract residents and visitors towards the school where the exhibition galleries are open to the public

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