The Soul Architecture in the new Bauhaus Campus by DYoung Architect

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #1655
DYoung Architect
David Alonso Young Vergara
Universidad de Santa María la Antigua

There are many points that form a line, as there are lines that create a shape. This is the new Bauhaus that evolves from its original form and provides a new theory of design. The Soul architecture is the reason, the meaning, and the truth of each building erected in this new campus. A dormitory for 50 Bauhaus students with an opportunity for spaces on the ground floor to coexist with each other and satisfy their needs such as a small cafeteria, a small food store, and an event venue. The campus also contains a classroom and workshop building that transmits light and darkness into one reality. A lobby that transmits silence, unlike its second floor that is attractive and striking for the activities. When leaving this, we do not find the main cafeteria that seems to be unnoticed because it is buried in the ground and is to be able to have a more comfortable visual order among the other buildings. At the end, an auditorium reflects the structure and hardness of the architecture and finally the exhibition space. This central space becomes the heart of the campus transforming itself into the art itself. It will be the place where all the ideas, proposals, and presentations will take place. It is a unique campus where the original campus is inspired by the combination of art that allows each student or each person to truly enjoy a different architecture in each building but that is united through these 5 souls of architecture.

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